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Stephanie Nazi Mwakuni

Branding and Advertisement

Stephanie Nazi Mwakuni

My work is predominantly focused on branding and advertisement with additional interests in photography.

Each year I have gained transferable skills from my academic and previous internships (Advertisement Internship at WPP Company (SCANAD), Media Internship at Maan Logistics, Volunteer Media Coordinator at WOW magazine Loughborough), which I will be able to apply in the future. During my free time I work on enhancing my photography skills by capturing food and wildlife. Going forward, I aspire to develop my marketing and leadership skills by doing a master’s degree at Loughborough University next year. This will enable me to tackle more management roles that will broaden my scope and expand my capabilities.


Participating in BrandOpus Branding Competition


Creative internship at a WWP company (SCANAD Kenya) Media Internship at Maan Logistics