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Sophie Tresadern


Sophie Tresadern

I am studying multimedia textiles and exploring innovative ways to create a functional outerwear collection.

The Hemline Index - a theory: "When the economy is flourishing, hemlines increase, meaning one would see more miniskirts, and when the economic situation is deteriorating the hemlines drop, perhaps even to the floor." I was fascinated by how events in culture and society can infiltrate the catwalk. I recognised an increase in utility wear ever since the uncertainty of Brexit hit the UK. I was inspired by the different functions and fastenings within this sector and the techniques they used to increase their durability. My fashion textile collection explores a range of prototypes and fabrics directed towards ski/sport wear. I have created a practical and functional range of samples, specifically selecting heavyweight and waterproof fabric. These fabrics have then been manipulated to display high-quality textile techniques, including some prints which have been carefully placed and hand painted.


Runner up of Cotton USA live project 2nd position in Burberry Hackathon


Freelance embroidery for Safiyaa

September 2017 - July 2018

Diane Von Furstenberg Marques Almeida Mary Katrantzou Strictly Come Dancing Sarah Baadarani