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Serena Kainth

Multi-Media Textiles

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Serena Kainth

Decorative Glass

My collection is inspired by the decorative features of windows and buildings. I have explored the elements of distorted glass and stained glass, focusing closely on pattern, colour and symmetry. This can be seen in my photographs and paintings, along with a bold, uplifting colour palette. A variety of opaque, translucent and transparent materials can be seen in this project. To imitate the look of windows, I have chosen lightweight, translucent and transparent materials such as chiffon, organza, clear plastic, and frosted plastic to allow light to shine through my designs. To mimic the exteriors of buildings and window frames, I have used heavy weight fabrics such as faux leather and suede. I have used a range of fabric manipulation techniques such as disperse dyeing, embroidery, patchwork, appliqué and reverse appliqué. Embroidery methods such as couching, beading and metallic work have allowed me to bring the decorative features into my designs. My designs are fit for high-street party and festival wear. They are not as practical, but are intended to make the wearer feel more self-confident and courageous.

August 2017 - July 2018

Bottle Blonde Studio