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Becky Shepperson

Papercutting, Painting

Cosmic Descent

Cosmic Descent

Experimentation with layered coloured card and light, achieving dimensional distortion

Becky Shepperson image 5

Close up of the layering technique, highlights tonal gradient

Multiple Singularities

Multiple Singularities

Experimentation with card and compisition

Becky Shepperson image 7

Close up of circles; colours work to draw in the eye of the viewer

Becky Shepperson

Fascinated by all things astronomical, my work is driven by the strong sense of awe that consumes me when contemplating what it truly means to be a human existing on earth, in a universe full of such sheer beauty and profound mystery.

My practice centres around the processes of cutting and layering paper to create complex three-dimensional forms that are an abstract meditation on the mystifying and sublime qualities of black holes. Colour plays a vital role within my artwork, as the carefully selected palettes unify this concept of descension into the unknown. Inspired by optical art, I fabricate illusions of infinite depth through slight alteration of tone and circumference, resulting in mesmerising sculptures which appear to collapse inwards. I aim to not only highlight the sheer complexity and incomprehensibility of such paradoxical phenomena, but also provoke awe, shedding light on the sublime beauty of the vast universe we inhabit. My work has an immersive element, through which viewers feel lured in by the brightly coloured, large-scale, celestial forms and in turn leave feeling both overwhelmed and awe-struck. I hope to utilise the skills I have obtained whilst studying at Loughborough University to help me pursue a career within theatre or film, potentially set design, whilst continuing with my practice alongside.


Bronze Arts Award Art Prefect, Dartford Grammar School for Girls Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)


Work Experience at Dartford Florist Ltd Peer Mentor for Fine Art, Dartford Grammar School for Girls