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Phoebe Shaw

Woven Design

Phoebe Shaw

Phoebe's woven textiles translate the idea of human perspective by being inspired by the beauty in everyday objects. In order to achieve this there is a clear focus on the strong colour palette used throughout the collection and reflective pattern creative in the woven designs.

The project looks at manipulating photographs into kaleidoscopic patterns, and aims to look at the idea that what we use on a day-to-day basis shouldn't be taken for granted, but instead appreciated. It is natural to want what we can't have and the project aims to challenge this concept. The work that Phoebe has produced throughout her final collection is visualised within the interior market. This has helped broaden her knowledge of the industry to prepare her for future aspirations.


Exhibiting designer at Premiere Vision, Paris (2017 and 2019)


Assisted with the exhibiting of designs for Loughborough University at The Clothes Show (2016)

August 2017 - June 2018

Emily Ziz (Sydney Australia) The Material Lab Andrew Moss Agencies Miles De Lange