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Natasja Kainth

Integrated Digital Practice

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Natasja Kainth

I specialise in Integrated Digital Practice.

'Distorted Construction' This collection aims to show the aesthetics of man-made architecture and the development of building construction. Materials used within construction include: brick, wood, iron and glass. Textural features such as flaking wood and reflective glass have been exhibited within the final collection. Digital embroidery and laser etching are a small number of digital processes that have been used to create these features. Textural and structured shapes have also been combined as a way to finalise the development of construction. The fabrics used within this AW Menswear collection are thermal and waterproof, supporting the use of building materials.


Premiere Vision seller (2019)

July 2017 - May 2018

Karen Millen Isabelle Fox London Harper's Bazaar Amanda Kelly Design Chloedigital