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Millie Middlebrook

Illustration and Branding

Millie Middlebrook

My passion for charity work and the role design plays within this vital sector has helped to shape my years at Loughborough University whilst studying Graphic Communication and Illustration. I believe that purposeful design can help to shape the society we live in, raise awareness about issues we care about and cross boundaries of conversation though visual communication, galvanising communities to come together. Creating work with a great sense of purpose and integrity is something I have strived to do both personally and academically. My illustrative card business, Loved By Millie, which I set up in 2017, has enabled me to bring joy and a unique style to many. I have also used my platform to further enhance my quest to create design for good. Last Christmas I created a range of illustrative Christmas cards sold with proceeds going to the charity shelter. The personal project was a big success and made a difference to those in need, which is something I am very proud of.

My work has often been campaign-driven, lending itself to my desire to create conversations about matters affecting society today. My illustrative skills have enabled me to bring these campaigns to life using both digital and hand drawn methods to create appropriate imagery. Creating powerful brands for my different projects has also helped to add purpose, structure and a real-life feel to these campaigns, bringing them to life as cohesive pieces of work. The power of a brand, its core values and the way it communicates with its audience are things that I have focused on during my final year of university in great detail. After having graduated this summer, I hope to work with a creative agency or organisation that works with a range of clients including charities and sustainable brands. I would also love to carry on working on my illustrations through Loved By Millie as a supporting venture for graduate life.


Elected Media and Communications Representative for the Environmental and Ethical Executive Office (2016-17) Elected member of my University Hall Committee as the hall representative for volunteering, and environmental and ethical causes (2015-16)


Internship at Our Design Agency (ODA), London (2019) Internship at The Allotment Brand Design, London (2013)