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Madeleine Wozencroft

Printed Textiles

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Madeleine Wozencroft

Madeleine Wozencroft specialises in creating unique, innovative and trend-driven designs for womenswear fashion. She is born and raised in Hong Kong with an American and British background. The brand relies on using Chinese and other oriental style themes throughout this collection.

The designer presents an integration of cultural influences inspired by the East and West, focusing on themes of classic American rock ‘n’ roll culture and oriental mythological themes, Chinese symbols and iconography, as well as yin and yang connotations that are derived from Chinese legends and traditions. These traditions inspire contradictory colours and materials such as silk and leather. As well as a sense of assertiveness, natural tones express a feminine outcome, creating a nostalgic, gentle and erotic ambience. Merging them together conveys a unique fashion campaign, revealing a collection that makes women feel the respect traditionally held by men in this genre. The leather which shapes the character of every rock artist resembles a second layer of skin representing the alter ego that every female conceals within her. It’s a symbol of attitude-heavy rebellion and a display of anarchy against conservative fashion norms. After graduating, Madeleine Wozencroft will follow her passion of creating exquisite and luxurious prints within fashion. She is keen to develop her ideas in these areas and pursue a career in fashion and print design in the UK and internationally.


Designs sold at Marks & Spencer Fashion (2018) Designs sold internationally at Tom Cody Designs London (2018) Assisted backstage at Alexander McQueen AW18 Paris Fashion Week (2018) Exhibiting designer at Premiere Vision (2017) Exhibiting designer at Peepul Centre, Leicester, for Charnwood Arts (2016)


Johanna Ho: Fashion Design

June 2017 - June 2018

Alexander McQueen: Print & Fabrics Marks & Spencer: Home Marks & Spencer: Fashion & Colour Trend Designers Guild: Showroom, Sales & Print Design Tom Cody Designs (London)