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Heléna Davey

Branding and Identity Design

Heléna Davey image 4

Bag concept for Holland & Barrett

Heléna Davey image 5

Typeface design for Holland & Barrett

Heléna Davey

Designing vibrant brands and services that make a difference excites me. My time at Loughborough has allowed me to explore this and practice a methodological design process that means my work is able to reach its full potential.

Honest work, with a bright palette and clean execution are how I would describe my identity as a designer. Experimenting with type and illustration, as well as dipping into service design has provided me with a well-rounded skillset that I can't wait to develop in the workplace. Following graduation I hope to begin my professional career as a junior designer within a creative agency or in-house team.


Claudia Parsons Hall Logo Design Competition Winner (2019) Loughborough University Scholarship for Academic Excellence (2017)


Loughborough Students Athletics Union (2018-19) Mystery Ltd (2018) Design Happy (2018) Freelance branding endeavours