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Georgena Fobbie

Woven Textiles

Georgena Fobbie image 4

Close up on lurex distortions

Georgena Fobbie image 5

Mohair floats with a lambswool base, revealing burst of colour

Georgena Fobbie image 6

A combination of fancy and slub yarns, with a hint of lurex

Georgena Fobbie image 7

Large check formed of fancy yarns contrasting with fine wool and lurex

Georgena Fobbie image 8

Flashes of neon mohair amongst fancy checks

Georgena Fobbie

Georgena is a dedicated weaver, particularly interested in merging unconventional yarns with traditional weaving processes in order to create intriguing surfaces and fabrics. With a strong eye for colour and taking inspiration from a wide array of subjects, Georgena aspires to make each project different from the last.

Based on themes surrounding abandoned areas, such as deserted Olympic stadiums and forgotten buildings, 'Abandoned Beauty' is a collection that encompasses a wide variety of contrasting textures, including soft mohair and opaque cloth with subtle shines of lurex, designed for fashion accessories. Inspired by all forms of texture, from tactile surface qualities to expressive colour field painting, photography of derelict locations using a micro lens has been implanted to create unexpected colour combinations. Alongside this, multimedia collages have inspired alternative fancy yarn to create a final collection of woven fabrics. Georgena intends to pursue her interest in woven accessories, aspiring to create her own studio.


Commended, Bradford Textiles Society Design Competition (2018-19) Selected to attend 'Making it in Textiles', Bradford (2018) Exhibited at Premiere Vision (2016 and 2018)


Work experience at The Gainsborough Silk Weaving Company (July - September 2016)

July 2017 - July 2018

Wallace Sewell (July - September 2017) Paul Vogel (September - December 2017) Marks and Spencer (January - March 2018) The Handweavers Studio and Gallery (April - July 2018)