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Esther Hinchley

Woven Textiles

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Esther Hinchley

Esther is a graduate in Textiles: Innovation and Design, who has specialised in Woven Textiles. Esther has developed techniques in expressive, bold and colourful paintings, which she has translated through her woven, digital and jacquard designs.

'The Blue Paradiso' is an elegant fashion collection focusing heavily on movement and texture within the ocean and its inhabitancies within. Core inspiration for the collection is from reflection and iridescence created by the movement and light and how the colours and textures change within them. The woven collection reflects both the sheer delicacy and light textures, with the colourful, bouncy and exciting textures that are found deep below the ocean’s waves. Upon graduation, Esther aspires a creative role within the Woven Textiles industry.


Exhibited at Premiere Vision

September 2017 - September 2018

Kula Tsurdiu, Bridal Couture - Rhodes, Greece Anna Champeney Estudio Textil - Spain Handweavers Studio - London