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Daniel Knapper

Sculpture / Painting

Daniel Knapper

My work aims to explore recent affairs happening in the world by using miniature models to create a new narrative combining and intertwining the events in a humorous way.

The first impression people get when seeing miniature models is to naturally be excited and curious to see the narrative behind these tiny figures. Upon closer inspection to my work, you realize it's not as cute as it appeared from a distance. My sculpture work intertwines humour and multiple current affairs and condenses it into one new narrative. My dioramas feature topics such as: poverty, racial diversity, scandals, global climate and pop culture references. My body of work requires tweaking pre-existing models to create a totally new narrative for the buildings that help fit the narrative that I need them to be in. Time management has been the most important aspect as all of my work has to be ordered via distributors online which can be a gamble on whether the package arrives the time estimated or not. I would like to continue along this path of models and dioramas by working into set design for music videos, film, TV and Theatre productions.


Cineworld Team Member, Student Ambassador for Loughborough University, Reels in Motion