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Charlotte Tudberry

Intergrated Digital Pathway

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Charlotte Tudberry

Internal Architecture

The theme for this collection derived from my interests in the human form with the principal inspiration stemming from the extensive and intricate patterns found within muscle fibres, the connecting tissues between bones, the delicate lines created with veins and also the skeleton that creates the integral architectural structure that holds the whole form together. This project was tailored for surface design, looking at creating a collection of pieces that can be applied to a large range of applications from soft furnishings to cupboards and wall features. With this in mind, I have produced three separate collections incorporating different colour stories, which hold the same starting point. Using a large range of drawing mediums, hard surfaces and fabric materials I was able to translate the different aspects of the body into this collection of work exhibiting a wide range of techniques and skills that I have developed throughout my years studying at Loughborough University. These skills and techniques have included the use of a selection of CAD processes to enhance and adapt my paintings and drawings into digital print, jacquard weaves, embroidery designs and laser processed final outcomes.

July 2017 - July 2018

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